Everything is Lies- Helen Callaghan

Helen Callaghan certainly knows how to write a page turner. The ‘Dear Amy’ author returns with another psychological thriller that is equally as gripping as her previous novel.

After receiving a strange phone call from her mother, Sophia returns to the family home to find her mother dead and her father nearby surrounded by a pool of blood. The police are convinced it is a straightforward case of suicide and attempted murder but Sophie suspects this is not the case. When she discovers a series of notebooks written by her mother, she starts to search for answers and begins a journey into the past that reveals dark secrets.

Emotionally-charged, gripping and packed with plenty of twists and turns!

Bookbusters A-Z Challenge 2018


After a spectacularly bad attempt at this last year, completing only 8 of the books on my list (although in my defence, this was more as a result of getting drawn into other books, rather than a neglect of reading!), I’ve compiled another list to try and get through in 2018. (I actually put this together earlier in the year but didn’t publish it, hence the late post and I have tweaked a few from the original list! ;))

The premise of the challenge is simple: a book has been chosen where the surname of each author starts with a different letter of the alphabet from A-Z.

I’d love to hear your thoughts/ reviews of any books on the list, as well as any compelling suggestions for any books to fill the gaps! Those listed in italics are ones I’ve read so far.

A- The Baghdad Clock- Shahad Al Rawi

B- Stella’s Christmas Wish- Kate Blackadder

C- Everything is Lies- Helen Callaghan

D- Confessions of a first-time mum- Poppy Dolan

E- Mad- Chloe Esposito

F- The Note- Zoe Folbigg

G- Watch Me- Jody Gehrman

H- Jar of Hearts- Jennifer Hillier

I- You, Me, Everything- Catherine Isaac

J- The Sapphire Widow- Dinah Jefferies

K- Water Under the Bridge- Britney King

L- If He Wakes- Zoe Leah

M- Prosecco & Promises- A L Michael

N- Only Child- Rhiannon Navin

O- The Good Mother- Karen Osman

P- Antonia of Venice- Ellyn Peirson

Q- Love May Fail- Matthew Quick

R- Venice Black- Gregory C Randall

S- Love Will Tear Us Apart- Holly Seddon

T- The Chalk Man- C J Tudor


V- Around the World in Eighty Wines- Mike Veseth

W- Dreaming of Florence- T A Williams


Y- The Stolen Bicycle- Wu Ming-Yi

Z- The Follower- Koethi Zan