Tubing- K A McKeagney


Polly’s life is turned upside down after a late night encounter with a stranger on a busy tube train. Inexplicably finding herself drawn into the secretive world of ‘tubing’, Polly is desperate to find out more about her mystery man. Little does she know, that the deeper she delves into the underground phenomenon, the more she is putting herself in danger and jeopardising her everyday life.

A fast-paced, thrilling and sometimes sinister tale of intrigue and erotica with a few unexpected twists and turns! A exhilarating début from Kerry McKeagney.

Ragdoll Sampler- Daniel Cole


Daniel Cole’s début novel has been received to great acclaim, with film rights already assigned and even from this short excerpt, it’s easy to see why. Fast-paced, full of intrigue, wit and humour, Ragdoll is a crime novel which captures your interest from the outset.

The Sister- Louise Jensen


This book captured my interest from the outset. The chapters are organised throughout into ‘Now’ and ‘Then ‘ as the reader is taken on a journey with the main character Grace, who is still struggling to cope with the loss of her childhood best friend Charlie.

In a bid to find answers to the past, Grace, with help from her boyfriend Dan, starts an online search to trace Charlie’s father. Anna, who claims to be Charlie’s step-sister makes contact and from here on in, the story takes a darker turn. It is clear from the outset that all is not as it seems, but the author successfully weaves enough intrigue into the story to keep the reader guessing until the end.

It’s hard to believe this is Louise Jensen’s debut novel. Fast-paced, intriguing and pulsating, this is a book not to be missed!