Everything is Lies- Helen Callaghan

Helen Callaghan certainly knows how to write a page turner. The ‘Dear Amy’ author returns with another psychological thriller that is equally as gripping as her previous novel.

After receiving a strange phone call from her mother, Sophia returns to the family home to find her mother dead and her father nearby surrounded by a pool of blood. The police are convinced it is a straightforward case of suicide and attempted murder but Sophie suspects this is not the case. When she discovers a series of notebooks written by her mother, she starts to search for answers and begins a journey into the past that reveals dark secrets.

Emotionally-charged, gripping and packed with plenty of twists and turns!

Dear Amy- Helen Callaghan


Teacher Margot Lewis also runs an agony aunt column in the local newspaper. When she receives a letter claiming to be from Bethan Avery, a local girl who disappeared 17 years previously, her life is turned upside down as she becomes embroiled in a tense and unpredictable series of events that threatens to put her own life in danger.

Fast-paced from the outset, author Helen Callaghan has created an exciting psychological thriller that has the reader guessing throughout. There are plenty of twists and turns along the way, some more predictable than others, but the beauty of this book is that however many guesses you might make along the way, you’re unlikely to unpick all the pieces before the final showdown!

An intriguing and thrilling read!