Mischling- Affinity Konar


This is not an easy novel to read, but one which creates a fictional account of very real events and gives the reader some insight into the suffering endured in Auschwitz at the hands of Dr Mengele, who has become renowned in history for his part in gruesome experiments undertaken on twins in the ‘zoo’.

The story itself is divided into two main sections; the first the time twins Stasha and Pearl spend imprisoned within the camp and the second, their journey towards liberation and freedom.

There are many references made to historical fact, such as the horrific attempt by Mengele to create Siamese twins by stitching together two brothers at the spine and the mention of actual survivors Eva and Miriam Moses and this adds authenticity to the overall depiction of events.

The middle of book does become drawn out in places and the ending seems slightly implausible given the content of the rest of the story, but overall this is a hard-hitting and fascinating read.