The Tea Planter’s Wife- Dinah Jefferies


This book had me spellbound from the start where the reader is immediately transported with central character Gwendolyn to 1920s Ceylon and immersed in the culture and traditions of a very different world to the one she left behind in England.

Her new surroundings are explained in intricate detail by author Jefferies, as is the complex nature of her relationships with her new husband Laurence and his instantly dislikeable sister Verity. As the plot develops, so too does the intrigue, as dark secrets from the past threaten Gwendolyn’s future.

Tackling issues of racism, political unrest, social class and stigma alongside personal trauma, guilt and prejudice, this novel is utterly captivating. The plot moves along at a rapid pace, whilst never detracting from the depth of the individual personalities of the central characters, allowing the reader to immerse themselves fully in the story.

A fabulous read!


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